IMMOVABLE Gaming Mouse Pad Control Edition

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FANTECH MP80 Control Edition Gaming Mouse Pad

We all know how passionately frenzied gaming can get. But an unfortunate slip of the surface under your mousing hand during heated combat may be all it takes to lose a crucial victory in-game. 

Our mouse pad uses a non-slip rubber base to fix the surface to a single spot. We designed a no matter which surface you go for. You can be assured it will remain immovable no matter how excited your movements.

Sensor-reactive coating that reflects more light back to the mouse sensor so your mouse and computer reads data faster and more consistently.

Fantech mouse pad was built for maximum precision. It was embedded in and was designed exactly to ensure the pad offers precision in just the way we want it to. We really go down to a microscopic level to make sure you get the performance you need to get more out of your gaming experience.