What's a Silent Mouse?

It's a computer mouse that doesn't make the clicking noise. The left and right mouse buttons are almost completely silent. You can only hear a faint noise if the room is completely silent. It is 95% quieter than regular mice. It is not a loud click noise it is more of a firm snap back feeling. With the world becoming more mobile and technology advancing computers are growing in popularity every day. More and more people are using the computer every day. Which means more noise pollution. The clicking sound is pointless now because computers respond almost instantly. The silent mice provide the same tactile feeling as a normal mouse would but without the sound so the user knows when an action is executed. Perfect for anyone who shares their computer space with other people. Silence equals more productivity. Save those around you from the stress and frustration of non stop clicking. A very small percentage of people in the world suffer from Misophonia or "the hatred of sound". Silent Mice are a great solution for those who suffer from this condition. A lot of our customers worry that these silent mice are not actually silent or are low quality. I can assure you these mice are almost completely silent and high quality. Most of the noise is not made from pressing the mouse button but from tapping your fingers too hard or hitting your nails on the key. These are some of the best silent computer mice available. You don't need to worry. We are dedicated to providing you the best silent click computer mouse available. That is our mission.