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No more clicking sound.

Why do computer mice still make the clicking noise? When computers first came out they were much slower. The mouse click let the user know that an action had been completed. Today, computers are so fast that the clicking noise is becoming obsolete. It is not needed anymore and it is only a nuisance to those around you. Save yourself the stress and frustration of a noisy mouse. Try our silent mice today.

Welcome to SilentMice, a silent click computer mice, gaming gear, and other accessory provider Worldwide. We know that it is hard to find a quality silent click mouse and we want to help you on your journey by simplifying the process. By providing detailed descriptions with user reviews customers can easily make a decision. All of our mice are silent click and we have a huge variety to choose from. SilentMice is dedicated to providing you the best silent click mice available. Want discounts and the latest news? Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page and be sure to head over to our blog where we post updates regularly.

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